Block Chunk Compost (vegan) (pick up self serve)



Best for veggies, and flowers vegan compost.
Our Mushroom Compost is the growing medium and the by-product of my mushroom farming business.
We use no feces in our mushroom growing, only wood and all natural supplements, like soy and bran, and we use no pesticides and chemicals. Therefore making it vegan compost and BEST for veggies and flowers, too.
This compost is live with mycelium, which means

Whats left from growing gourmet mushrooms in chunks and/or pieces, our cheapest option. This always grows mushrooms in my garden, and yup, I pick and eat em, yum!!

Self serve prices for block chunks compost
20L Pail 8.00 includes tax
80L container can 30.00
Cubic yard 100.00 **NOTE: Only available Oct 15 thru Mar 15
NOTE…We do not have a tractor and bring our own containers.


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