Mushroom Worm Compost (COMING JUNE 2023)


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Best for veggies, vegan compost.
We have block chunk mushroom compost, and minced mushroom compost
Mushroom worm compost and Compost Delivery coming spring of 2023
*Compost analysis coming soon
Our Mushroom Compost is the growing medium and the by-product of my mushroom farming business.
We use no feces in our mushroom growing, only wood and all natural supplements, like soy and bran, and we use no pesticides and chemicals. Therefore making it vegan compost and BEST for veggies and flowers, too.

Coming June 2023 Mushroom Worm Compost

Our premium compost, kicked up a notch, we added worms, now we have mushroom work compost, best compost you can get! We will be selling it by the bag only.
20L 50.00
80L 150.00
NOTE…We do not have a tractor and bring our own containers.


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